Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Dark Horse Racing Team

We're excited about our 2009 lineup: Andrea Balding, Lynn Banas, Kerry Block, Gabby Bruno, Jody Delavern, Jen Dolenga, Melissa Fritz, Janet Grimm, Lynda Racey, Susan Schubel, Alicia Trevino, and Beth Ann Trollman.

The girls will be covering some major ground, including cross country, endurance, road and cyclocross events. See you at the start line!

Friday, January 9, 2009

What to do when its too cold & dark to ride outside...

...Some of the team came out to join our AWESOME sponsor, Dark Horse Brewery at a beer tasting event at Ashley's in Westland on January 8. We got to taste some of the new Dark Horse beers like the Blueberry Stout, but the unanimous favorite was the Perkulator Dopplebock. It was fun to catch up with Mike E. and have a few beers with friends on a wintry, Thursday night.

We also convinced a few of our biking friends from Team Tree Farm to join us! Also big fans of Dark Horse Brewery, they were happy to oblige!